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KOBO-ASIA is a software development company that supports tomorrow's bus industry.

Supporting today's Japanese bus industry and tomorrow's Vietnamese bus industry!

We support the Japanese bus industry with software.
First, we will develop new softwares for the Japanese market.
Next, we will develop softwares that will change the Vietnamese bus industry.




General Director

Kotaro Tanga

Communication Tower

Company Story

We have been making systems for bus companies for 40 years.

Hundreds of bus companies use our system in Japan.

In January 2020, the first overseas subsidiary was established.

We will create a wonderful company where employees can grow and be appreciated by customers.

1979 Founding in Sapporo

1991 Opened sales office in Tokyo

1995 Longdistancebus reservation system service started

2003 Head office relocated to Saitama

2004 Opened sales office in Osaka

2010 Head office building completed in Saitama


2020 KOBO ASIA established as a new development base in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



We are producted various bus systems in Japan.

It provides a system that manages the operation of thousands of buses and helps many bus users.

Here is a brief introduction to some of our products.

For LongDistanceBus

We have created a system that allows you to reserve long-distance buses on PCs, smartphones, or convenience stores in Japan.We also operate a website where you can make a reservation in English or Chinese, Korean.

For CharterBus

This system can manage the entire operation of chartered buses, from reservation management to labor management and billing.
It can also be used for creating quotes and payroll calculation for each company.

For SchduledBus

Japanese traffic is punctual.

It is the basic foundation for operating the bus on time.

This system can create a bus stop timetable and manage driver shifts.

We also make a system for calculating fares and managing income.

Network Hub and Cable


Fellows who make a company together!

The company name “Kobo” means an atelier that performs manufacturing.

We want to be a craftsman who makes products that help people through software.


Design of package software for sale in Japan

Senior system engineer

Development of new package software


Recruitment of members who can take system test and communication in Japanese

Comunicator & Tester


Please contact us for consultation on software development, hope for interview, advancement to Vietnam and Japan,
and anything else.

12th Floor, Saigon Prime Office Building, 
107-109-111 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street,
Ward 6, Dist. 3, HCMC